I didn't get my order! Why hasn't it been sent?

I got the electronic invoice but there is not any attachment.

I can't open the Email attachments you sent!

I got the electronic invoice but I can't open the attachment.

I can't find what I want when I search.

My Credit Card is being declined. It should be O.K.

When I click the "Pay Now" button, nothing happens!

I am getting an ERROR 605 message when completing my order!

I am an Elite Member and I forgot to log on when I ordered. I didn't get my discount.

How to make sure you receive your BandTrax email order.

How will my order be supplied?

When will my order be sent?

Is your site a secure site when entering credit card details. How do I know my transaction is safe?

What are my payment options?

What will the charge look like on my credit card?

What if I received a wrong MIDIfile?

What if I get a defective file?

I need a copy of my invoice.

If I get really stuck or I am unsure of something, can I ring and ask for help?

I can't get the demos to play. Can I save them and listen to them later?

Why do the demos sound great thru my MIDI player or keyboard but sound awful thru my computer sound card?

Why do you show things like "Single Mix" or "Album Version" etc. in the catalogue listings?

What is the quality of your MIDIfiles?

What do you think about free files available on the Internet?

Will you sell or give my contact information to another company?

Can I get a complete catalogue?

Do you make MIDIfiles that are not listed?

How much is a trax?

What Format should I have. Format 1 or 0?

Which type should I be using. GM or GS?

Can I use GM files on GS equipment?

Can I use GS files on GM equipment?

What is the difference between the PRO series and the Syncronised Lyrics (Karaoke) files?

Your MIDIfiles always work the same, however other files change, depending on what order I play them. How come?

Will your MIDIfiles work on my equipment?

Do you use a CD or MP3 to MIDI converter to make these MIDIfiles?

I need to see a list of controllers used in the MIDIfiles.

I need to see a list of SysEx used in the MIDIfiles.

I need to see a list of GM tones.

I need to see a list of Roland GS Devices.

Am I allowed to alter the files for my own use?

Do I have to pay any extra to use the MIDIfiles to perform live with?

Can I use your MIDIfiles on my CD I'm going to record and sell?

Can I buy cheap BandTrax files from ?????". He says "He changes them because he's allowed to". Is this correct?

When I first got the files they worked perfectly, now they've changed. They don't sound as good. Why?

I am trying to use your MIDIfiles on a CD but it won't work. What am I doing wrong?

I need to add syncronised lyrics text to a file.

I need to REMOVE the melody from the KAR (Karaoke) files.

I need to hear the MIDIfiles thru a better sound reproduction source than the standard PC sound source.

I need to convert from format 1 to format 0 (or format 0 to format 1)

I need to convert the MIDIfiles to audio so I can use them on a CD or MP3 player

I need to quickly create a MIDIfile that I can use. It doesn't need to be exact, just a rough arrangement of a certain song.

When I try to burn a MIDIfile to CD I'm getting a "file error" message.

The MIDIfiles work in MEDIA PLAYER but don't operate correctly when I transfer them to other software or hardware.

I have a friend who knows everything about computers and MIDIfiles. Now they don't work anymore.

Do you have a separate category for Christmas trax?

Do all your MIDIfiles have endings as opposed to faded endings?

I'm having a problem with getting sound from your music demos on your site. I have recently upgraded Media Player. All the music from my cd's play ok

I have upgraded something from Microsoft and some things are now not working as they did

The song by Don Williams ( SSP385 ) is this a download only or can I buy the CD?

I want to download quite a few of your MIDI files to purchase. Do they have a count in for each or most of the songs?

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