When I first got the files they worked perfectly, now they've changed. They don't sound as good. Why?

This question is similar to "How long is a piece of string?" Firstly, did you make a back-up? If you did, you can check to see if the original back-up files have also altered. If they have, this narrows down the problem to some type of equipment change. Have you changed the sound module, the computer, the software? If the original back-up files work O.K. but your user files have altered, either they have been edited, intentionally or accidentally, or the equipment or disk has a fault. The most common reason for change is the dreaded "edit". The most dangerous editing assumption is to remove the first bar with all of the "number junk" in it and replace it. WRONG! DON'T! LEAVE IT ALONE UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING! The System Exclusive, controller data, and other data contained within the header bar(s) are for a reason, they structure the file. And for those who think our security data is in there, it isn't. If you need to know what all those numbers do, ask, don't experiment. Even the most simple of edits should be thought over. Don't forget that even the simple task of transposing is NOT a global function, drums and percussion on Chan #10 DO NOT get transposed! (Unless you require something "completely different")

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