Will your MIDIfiles work on my equipment?

If you own GM or GS sound equipment and you've obtained the correct file type, the answer is yes. If you own non-GM or non-GS equipment the answer is still yes ... but after making some changes.
For use on non-GM equipment you will have to alter the patch assignments within the file to suit. By referring to your equipment's GM tone listing, you will be able to re-patch to your equipment. e.g. The BandTrax MIDIfile contains Program Change #1 in track #?. The GM list tells you this is Piano. Find the PG # for Piano in your equipment then change the PG # in the track to that number. Do the same for all instrument sounds on all of the other tracks.
Note: Drums/Percussion should always be on MIDI Channel #10.
BandTrax MIDIfiles will also work on all computer music systems capable of loading/importing MIDIfiles via MS-DOS disks or accepting MIDIfiles via electronic mail servers (Email). If you are using a Mac, you must have PC File Exchange or similar installed for your Mac music software to be able to read from the PC Disk folder when the files are provided on floppy disk.
Also note that the sound reproduction from computer sound cards is usually found to be sub-standard when compared to dedicated sound modules. Most soundcards and GM/GS emulators to not have the dynamic range or wave/sample quality that is available in external sound modules. It is recommended that you connect an external sound module to your computer via MIDI/Serial/USB cables when using our files.

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