I need to hear the MIDIfiles thru a better sound reproduction source than the standard PC sound source.

Most computer sound cards are not the required quality to reproduce professional MIDIfiles.
To obtain better quality together with other useful features we recommend using the Roland Virtual Sound Canvas.
The software sounds are compatible with the Roland SC55(MkII), SC88 & SC88Pro.
It is multitimbral with 16 parts and a maximum of 128 voices. It comes with 902 sounds and 26 drum sets (using SC-88Pro Map-compatible sound sets) built in (you can also switch to SC-55 Map-compatible and SC-88 Map-compatible sound sets).
Even better, use a Roland Sound Canvas hardware device via MIDI. Check that you personally like the sounds before obtaining anything.
Make sure the Roland Virtual Sound Canvas works on your computer and its operating system.

You may also try using Soundfonts or VST's. These applications are far beyond any explanation here, but can provide stunning results.

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