Is your site a secure site when entering credit card details. How do I know my transaction is safe?

We are more secure than many sites, that is why you don't see the "lock". The "lock" is LESS SECURE than the system we have in place as it shows you are providing your details to a public domain, albeit encrypted. We do not have access to credit card details. Our site does NOT see or collect your financial details. All financial details are handled by the transact client, via a gateway, NOT by us. This ensures that all information you send via the World Wide Web will be encrypted and handled away from the BandTrax web pages. Your personal information cannot be externally read from our ordering or accounting systems. The only details we see are your name, address, contact phone and email address. BandTrax DO NOT receive any of your financial details from the National Secure Internet Payment System or PayPal. The only details we receive from the transact client is information confirming or declining your transaction.

You provide your financial details directly to either the National Australia Bank or PayPal, NOT us.
The National Australia Bank Gateway is regarded as one of the most secure. If you require further details ask them at,,1037,00.html
PayPal have a long history for on-line financial transactions and do not require real-time credit details. For further details contact them at

Any 3rd parties getting access to your credit card details will NOT be from our site. Any unauthorised details acquired will most likely have been from a manual transaction ...... a retail store, restaurant, etc. or direct theft. These details are then handed over/sold to the crooks. They then use the Internet to easily check if your card is still valid by attempting to purchase a low priced item .... like a MIDIfile. Remember, they don't want the MIDIfile, they want to know if the card works. If it does, they then have a shopping spree for much larger items. Unfortunately, if we are the first place it is used, the owner would naturally think that we had something to do with it. The truth would be that we are only one of hundreds of ways to test if a card is valid.

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