What is the difference between the PRO series and the Syncronised Lyrics (Karaoke) files?

BandTrax PRO Series MIDIfiles are produced to be used by entertainers in live performance by not including an instrumental vocal melody line but rather providing a full musical backing to perform vocally with. Instrumental titles, such as The Shadows titles, will contain the instrument lead line as this is not a vocal performance part.
The Syncronised Lyrics (Karaoke) series (catalogue number beginning KAR******.MID) contain a melody line and syncronised lyrics. The lyrics will be visual on equipment capable of reproducing this feature. To remove the melody and sync. lyrics, simply delete MIDI Chan #4 from the file.
If the word Karaoke is to be used in the strict sense of the word, BandTrax Pro Series MIDIfiles are real Karaoke files. The word Karaoke comes from KARA meaning empty (as in KARATE - empty hand) and OKE meaning (short for okesutora) orchestra. Rather than including both the vocals and the music, traditional karaoke tracks only have the music. The vocals are provided by the live performer singing the karaoke song by following the words in a book. You will receive an accompanying Lyrics TEXT file (the EXACT words are not guaranteed), where allowable, together with a Track Sheet TEXT file with each MIDIfile.
It's your choice to either read the words or memorise them, although reading them while performing could seem slightly unprofessional.

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