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You can now receive your files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All financial transactions are handled by the National Secure Internet Payment Service (NSIPS) or PayPal. NSIPS is a division of the National Australia Bank. All transactions are strictly between you and your chosen payment method. No one, apart from yourself, sees your credit card details ... not even us. The site is hosted on high speed secure servers, providing you with fast, efficient access throughout the site. You simply search for what you need then click the "buy" button for the MIDIfiles you want. Then "view the cart", provide your details and that's it. Now check your Email for your order. You can also play or download the demos before you order.
You get;
* Quality #1 MIDIfiles on-line 24/7. Just Midifiles for Midiphiles.
* Direct Download. No waiting. Sent to you as you order. Use the songs NOW!
* Order in GM or GS. The choice is yours. Optimised for your equipment. Selectable in the Cart.
* Order in Format 1 or Format 0. The choice is yours. No converting. Selectable in the Cart.
* View the latest releases in real-time. Get the latest releases first. NOW!
* View the Top 30 selling MIDIfiles in real-time. See what's popular NOW!
* No clubs, no points, no scams. The more you order the more you save. Simple.
* Real-time currency exchange. Try it in the Price List
* Downloadable Demos of all MIDIfiles. Right click the Demo and save. Try them where you use them.
* Uncompromising Customer Service. If we know about it, we'll endeavour to help you out.
* Comprehensive FAQ pages. Find the answers to your questions.
* Free promotion & advertising. Check out the Elite Users. If you're not there you should be.

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