Your MIDIfiles always work the same, however other files change, depending on what order I play them. How come?

All BandTrax MIDIfiles contain System Exclusive Commands for resets. The resets are vitally important as they initialise the hardware to a default setting, allowing any further alterations to be made within the file itself. Therefore, if the next file used does not contain the correct reset commands, it will playback with the prior files alterations.
e.g. BandTrax file has altered filter settings on the bass part. The following file, without resets, will have the previous filter alterations on the bass part, more than likely not suitable to this next song.
Note: If you are using computer software that does not allow System Exclusive data to be recognized, the only guaranteed reset is to turn the equipment off and on. You're better to upgrade your software, as there are more System Exclusive Commands than just Resets required in MIDIfiles. Also make sure that your MIDI equipment has SysEx Enabled turned to On. Another common problem is that some producers place a GM reset as well as a GS and/or XG reset in the GM file, then state that the files they are selling are GM/GS/XG files. This "multi reset" causes some hardware to incorrectly reset or not reset at all. This procedure of adding different types of resets does NOT make that GM file become GS or XG compatible. GS and XG files contain many parameters not included within the GM specifications, therefore the GM hardware will not "magically" go into GS or XG mode, as the GM hardware does not have the extra parameters included in the first place. Just in sounds alone, there are 360+ sounds in the average GS device. Newer GS devices have around 1600+ sounds. Putting a GS reset in a GM file does not add the extra GS sounds to the GM device that contains only 128 sounds. We suggest that these "multi-reset" type of files be avoided to save any further problems. Remember, if you have GM hardware, use proper GM files. If you have GS hardware, user proper GS files.

The following quote from the MIDI IMPLEMENTATION section of a Roland GS product Owner's Manual concerning GM & GS System Exclusive resets should make it clear.

"These messages are used to initialize a device to GS or (to) General MIDI mode. When creating performance data, a "Turn General MIDI System On" message should be inserted at the beginning of a General Midi score, a "GS Reset" message at the beginning of a GS music data. Each song should contain only one mode message as appropriate to the type of data. (Do not insert two or more mode setting messages in a single song.)"

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