Can I buy cheap BandTrax files from ?????". He says "He changes them because he's allowed to". Is this correct?

You can buy MIDIfiles from whoever you want, but NOT BandTrax Midifiles or associated Midifiles. BandTrax Midifiles are only available from our authorised distributors. Anyone claiming to be allowed to alter or modify ANY MIDIfiles needs very good authority. BandTrax has NEVER issued such authority. You should also be aware that obtaining BandTrax midifiles in this manner WILL implicate you in VERY EXPENSIVE legal action. In ALL examples of "modified" files we have seen, they have been "butchered" to the extent of not working reliably, if at all, or being an embarrassment to use. Do you really want people to laugh at you for wasting your money, sounding bad at the gig, and then facing legal embarrassment? Also watch for misrepresentation of products. An example of this was where reputable Midifile brand names were being "embedded" as META TAGS in a WEB page to detract people from finding those names, and then being re-directed to a "less than ethical" outlet who had no authorisation to distribute those products. If this happens to you with any BandTrax products, we ask that you please advise us immediately. Another method used by "rogue" programmers is to obtain a BandTrax midifile and then re-programme it by "playing along" with each part. We have been shown many examples of this plagiarism ..... it would be nice if they gave us a credit!! We are continually amazed at how dumb these type of people are .... they aren't even slightly clever .... here's an example. Take any song where the recording fades out. What's the chance of two or more people writing the identical 1 or 2 bar end arrangement to produce a defined finish? We reckon it's about ZERO, yet programmers(?), MD's(?), producers(?), arrangers(?) all make the same mistake when copying our files. Now that's being REALLY stupid!

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