What do you think about free files available on the Internet?

MIDIfiles obtained from the Internet are fine....if you don't mind unreliable quality, unpredictable arrangements, important information missing, non-standardisation, and worst of all....POSSIBLE STOLEN PROPERTY and POSSIBLE VIRUS contamination. It is coming to our attention more and more, that some unscrupulous MIDIfile sellers are actually downloading FREE poor quality files from the Net and then on-selling them as their own. BandTrax will NEVER be involved in this activity for many reasons....it's illegal, misleading, we DO have pride in our work, and there is no way we would ever allow any "possibly infected" data obtained from the Net to be included with our productions (for obvious reasons). Remember, any files obtained from open access public areas that are zipped or included with an executable file CAN carry a virus. Worse still, if they are E-mailed to you there is a good chance of getting a virus with the E-mail. BandTrax endeavour to obtain the latest E-mail virus checkers to overcome that problem, however many others don't. We have seen a "MIDIFILE Virus" and it plays havoc with ALL midifiles. Basically it messes with the SysEx side of things and all of your files will no longer work like they once did. This virus also has a "partner" that attacks the FAT (File Allocation Table) of your DOS disks, both floppies and hard drives. The suggestion is, that if you obtain files that you think are not genuine, either by the inaccuracies, or the errors and problems they produce, contact the supplier and ask that you be given contact information of the programmer or a fix to the problem. If this can't be provided easily, we suggest that you don't get your files from there in the future.


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