Which type should I be using. GM or GS?

The Types relate to the data contained within the MIDIfile to offer you optimum performance from your equipment. If you are using GM equipment use GM files. These files are structured to perform within the GM specification of allowing 128 Sounds as well as at least 1 drum set. If you are using Roland GS equipment or equipment capable of using GS parameters, use GS type files. The GS data often contains a far greater range of MIDI program data to enable access to a wider range of useable sounds and drum sets as well as allowing modifications to be made to the individual sounds (filter, envelope, modulation, etc.), control over each individual drum (level, effects level, pan and pitch) and also to the effects (reverb types, delay types, chorus types, etc.). This gives the opportunity for greater production, resulting in an enhanced end result. There is a limited GS Kernel Synthesizer built into Windows 98SE and ME. This will provide a type of reference to what GS is capable of, although it is not a replacement for a stand alone GS Sound module.

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