What Format should I have. Format 1 or 0?

MIDIfiles have various ways of storing the data contained within. The two most commonly used Formats are 1 & 0. Format 1 stores the channel data on separate tracks. e.g. MIDI Channel 1 on Track 1, MIDI Channel 2 on Track 2, etc. Format 0 stores all individual channel data on one Track. If you are using a MIDIfile player and are not planning on doing any computer editing we recommend Format 0. This is because the player will have less "searching and buffering" to do if only looking for one track, therefore giving a "faster" load time. There are some file players that will only accept Format 0 files. If you are planning on using a computer to edit, most current software will accept Format 0 or Format 1 files. Some older software will not "un-assemble" a Format 0 file into separate Tracks automatically. You must demix or spend time "cutting and pasting" to be able to distinguish the separate information. Remember to "save/export" your file in Format 0 if you are going to use the edited file in a MIDIfile player. Doing this should improve the load time.

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