Do you use a CD or MP3 to MIDI converter to make these MIDIfiles?

No. Why not? Because there isn't such a thing! If there was we'd have one. We must listen to an original recording and then replay each instrument, one at a time, by hand onto a separate MIDI channel until the complete arrangement is finalised. And yes, it is time consuming. If anyone knows of such a gadget as a CD or MP3 to MIDIfile converter that will allow the playing of a multi-timbral recording of our choice from CD or MP3 into it and out the other end comes a completely arranged MIDIfile with separate instruments on separate channels, without the vocal part, mixed and mastered just like the original CD or MP3 recording, we'll give you $10,000.00 for it ..... maybe even more if it is a good one. And please don't tell us about the guy who spoke to another bloke who met a fella in a pub who's sister was going out with some guy who had a mate who read an article in some magazine about someone who knew someone who had an uncle who had one.

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