I can't get the demos to play. Can I save them and listen to them later?

The demos will play by left clicking on the DEMO icon. By right clicking on the DEMO icon you can save the demo file for evaluation later in your favourite MIDI playback device.
To enable playback from your PC you must have Windows Media Player or some other form of media playback software installed correctly. You may find Windows Media Player on your PC at "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\WMPLAYER.EXE". If not there, check its location by doing a quick search. You can get the current version of Windows Media Player from www.microsoft.com.
Windows Media Player also needs to be associated to MIDIfiles to enable playback. If you are not confident in making changes to your system, please do not attempt the following changes as you may disable other media playback devices. Get someone who knows what these changes can do to help you. We will not be responsible for things going wrong. If you are confident in making system changes, follow the general guides (may not be exactly your operating system but should provide a basic idea) in the link.

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