I didn't get my order! Why hasn't it been sent?

A very good question. If this happens we assure you this is not intentional.

A back-up of your order is also sent to us. If we get our copy, we know that your order was sent to the location you specified.

The following reasons are why you believe your order was not sent.

   Are you a gmail user?  

Option 1. Check in your "Junk" and/or "Spam" folders. If you can't find them or don't see them or have problems using them, see Option 5.

Option 2. Google search [gmail attachment problems]. You'll find millions of results. If you have problems, see Option 5.

Option 3. Google search [gmail spam control]. You'll find millions of results. If you have problems, see Option 5.

Option 4. Learn how to use gmail. If you have problems, see Option 5.

Option 5. Contact Google Mail for further help.

Other email problems.
you did not wait to be re-directed back to our site during the transaction,
incorrect or incomplete details were provided by you,
server delays or failures,
your internet connection failed,
your mailbox is full on your server,
your email account has been closed,
your email security settings are too high,
we did not receive your order.

Due to overly eager security settings, newer versions of GMAIL, HOTMAIL, etc., may store your order in the Junk or Spam mail folders. See Option 1 above.

ALSO NOTE: Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, and other Freemail accounts often use server rotation. This server rotation can cause disruption while on-line ordering is in process during the financial authentication. This may cause you to receive your billing information but not the files ordered. If possible, do NOT use HOTMAIL, Gmail or other FREE email addresses when ordering. You have a "real" email address provided to you by your service provider.

If you think there is a delivery problem, simply Email or call and provide all details you have received. We will re-send without charge.
Check your Email address first. We can't reply to your Email about your order not being received, if you provide us with an invalid Email address.

If the re-send is also not received by you, you must then contact your email service provider (Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, etc) or your software provider (Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, etc) for further help. We will not attempt to fix your email problems. We will not offer advise regarding settings on your device, or software on your device, to enable mail to be received by you.

We don't care if this has "never happened before". We don't care if everything "worked fine for someone else". We don't care if the "payment receipt arrived". It is the "payment receipt" that authorises the order to be sent, so if that was sent, your order was sent to the email address you specified.

Always check in the "junk" or "spam" folder. Hotmail tends to place the sender's "first time mail with attachments" in this folder. All you need do is "check" the box next to our mail send, and select "not junk mail". Then return to your inbox. Our send will be there.

99% of all email not being received, is a problem with the mail server/mail software you use, or your email set-up, or your lack of knowing how your email works.

Failure could also be due to the abundance of virus mail and spam mail. This mail can be created with yours, or our, addresses contained within. The re-propagating of this mail can cause servers to temporarily filter that particular address. Unfortunately, if that address is yours or ours, the delivery could fail. We will attempt to re-send OR send to an alternate address.

How do we know all of this? Because a duplicate of your order and payment confirmation is sent to us after sending the same to you, containing the details you provided.

Most importantly ... don't be a rude smart-arse, and learn how to use your email software.

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