I can't find what I want when I search.

To use the BandTrax site you must have JavaScript, Cookies and Pop-Ups enabled. The site uses JavaScript to validate user input and cookies to identify you as a user while searching or using the shopping cart. Cookies are returned only to the Web server from which they were issued and all session cookies expire automatically when you quit your browser. Pop-Ups are used for various help and graphic displays. Failure to have the correct settings on your browser will result in blank pages, empty blue screens and failure when using the shopping cart. Test your browser here.

Once your browser is correctly configured it is recommended when entering search criteria that partial words be used. Why? You get a more comprehensive result. Use artist surnames or partials, and key words or partials for song titles. If youíre not sure of the spelling donít worry Ö use parts of the words you are sure of. As an example we could use pres for searching titles by Elvis. We could use Elv, or vis, or even Elvis. We could have also used sley, or ley, or presley. Believe it or not we have seen searches on Alvis and Presly. This is where the partial search is beneficial. And if you already know the catalogue number of the MIDIfile you need, you can enter that also.

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