I am trying to use your MIDIfiles on a CD but it won't work. What am I doing wrong?

As all computer configurations are different, we can only advise you of the process and devices required.
Items you must have are:
A MIDIfile playback device. (Media Player, dedicated software like Cakewalk, Cubase, etc, or an external MIDIfile player.)
An audio recording device. (Software within the PC or external devices like tape, minidisc, video recorder, etc)
A CD burner.

If you are using a self contained PC system the process is;
Play the MIDIFile.
Record the audio produced by the MIDIfile as a *.wav (wave) file.
Burn the CD using the *.wav file to an Audio CD.
If you are using external devices the process is;
Play the MIDIfile from the PC or external MIDIfile player.
Record the MIDIfile audio produced, to the PC audio or external tape, minidisc, video, etc.
If recorded to an external device you now record the audio produced, from the tape, minidisc, video, etc. to the PC using audio recording software within the PC. Record this audio as *.wav (wave file).
Burn the CD using the *.wav file to an Audio CD.

For settings and configurations of your software and hardware consult the owner's manual or contact the installer/supplier.

If you do not have the above set-up or would like to simplify the process, you could look at using an "all-in-one" software package. We often use the Roland/Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas Multi Pack with GM2/GS Multitimbral Software Synthesizer. This is a complete package containing software synthesizers that run on Windows and Macs. You can select a Sound Canvas Model to use and then simply convert all of our MIDIfiles to Audio (wave) and then burn your CD.

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