You can use BandTrax GS MIDIfiles on any Roland device with the GS logo. However, not every device has exactly the same ability with the number of voices and number of tones. Therefore, refer to your devices MIDI Implementation chart for more accurate details. The following list of Roland Device models is to be used as a guide only.

AT-30 AT-50 AT-70 AT-80 AT-90 CM-300 (24 voice)
E-28 E-36 E-38 E-500 E-56 E-66
E-68 E-86 E-96 G-600 G-800 JV-35
JV-50 KR-370 KR-570 M-GS64 MT-120 MT-120S
MT-200 (24/28 voice) MT-80S PMA-5 RA-30 RA-95 SC-155 (24 voice)
SC-33 SC-50 SC-55 (24 voice) SC-55mkII SC-55ST SC-88
SC-88Pro SC-88ST SC-88VL SCB-55 SCC-1 (24 voice) SCC-1A
SCP-55 SD-35 SK-50 VE-VJ1 VSC-55 VSC-88
SC-8820 SC-8850 MT-300 XP-10