MP3 versions of the original MIDIfiles.

These MP3 audio files have been produced by playing the original MIDIfile thru a Roland SC-88 Sound Canvas Module. The audio produced from the SC-88 was then directly recorded in Cakewalk Music Creator as an audio track.
No tricks, no add-ons.

Both file types (MP3 and MIDIfile) were assigned within Windows, to operate thru the Windows Media Player. Your MIDIfile playback device may be set to another player. If your MIDIfile player does not produce audio that is close to these sample MP3 files, maybe update or re-assign your MIDIfile player software/device.

Many modern devices do not/will not allow MIDIfiles to be used. There are apps that attempt to emulate General Midi, but are usually restrictive in features and sound.

MIDIfiles have a much wider range of variables than any audio file. MIDIfiles allow YOU to change the sounds, tempo, feel, key, remove parts, etc. Can't do that with an audio file. And you can enhance a MIDIfile. Use real sounds, VST plug ins, put REAL instruments, vocals, etc., in WITH the MIDIfile. (Depending on software)

Check out the MP3 samples below, compared to the matching MIDIfile Demo. If the MP3's or the BandTrax MIDIfile samples from the web site do not work for you, contact your browser/software/hardware provider.


This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us
Eye In The Sky
Percolator (Twist)
The Last Farewell
Smoke From A Distant Fire
Steppin' Out
Jingle Bell Rock
Biggest Part Of Me
Soulful Strut


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